Обложка книги Daring to touch Radha. Collapse of the USSR.

Maslov V.P.

Daring to touch Radha. Collapse of the USSR.

Формат: 145х205 мм
Мягкая обложка
126 стр.

Detective stories usually describe events and conversations, and one only learns what the heroes were thinking at the end. The present work is my confession. I tried to convey events and conversations faithfully, but I still don't know what was hidden behind them. So there will be no solution of the mystery at the end. I tried to be exact in quoting direct speech. Perhaps I have forgotten something, rendered a confused story or missed some facts, but that is not very likely. It would be interesting to compare my account with recordings of conversations made at the time.
I believe a comparison would show that the wording was identical; nevertheless, I wonder whether all this could be true. Could it really have been a murder? Actually it is not so important. Or, to be more precise, important only to me...